Who We Are

Mental Skills NZ is a well-being and high performance coaching and consultancy service based out of Christchurch, NZ.

We specialise in sports performance, work/career development, communication, and well-being. We facilitate group workshops, work with teams, offer 1 on 1 sessions, or speak at events, fundraisers and schools.   

The Team

Merryn Atkins

Merryn has first hand experience overcoming chronic illness and is an educator of the mind body connection. Merryn has a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and has many years of experience in a broad range of occupational therapy areas.  From helping people with communication disabilities to find new and innovative ways to communicate and lead a better quality of life, to working with clients in palliative care in some of their most trying and sometimes troubling years - Merryn has seen a lot in her career that has helped her develop an appreciation for what is most important in life, and given her a unique sense of perspective that she brings to her work.

Merryn offers the expertise of creating a practical system that enables people to follow through and implement their strategies, goals, and enhance their quality of life. Trained in CBT, NLP, and organisational systems, Merryn brings a holistic evidence based approach to her work at Mental Skills NZ.



Wilton Atkins

Wilton is a sought after mental skills coach who specialises in working with children and young adults to create behavioural change and belief change. He is trained in a range of evidence based coaching tools including NLP, CBT and applied psychology. 

Wilton uses his successes and many failures in his younger years as a high level sportsperson to empower others to navigate challenges, exponentially grow their skills and thrive personally. Since learning these tools and principles, Wilton has grown in all areas including his skill set and capabilities, financial and relationships.