Who We Are

Mental Skills NZ is a well-being and high performance coaching and consultancy service based out of Christchurch, NZ.

We specialise in sports performance, work/career development, communication, and well-being. We facilitate group workshops, work with teams, offer 1 on 1 sessions, or speak at events, fundraisers and schools.   

The Team

  About Merryn Atkins

Merryn has first hand experience overcoming chronic illness and is an educator of the mind body connection. Merryn has a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and has many years of experience in a broad range of occupational therapy areas.  From helping people with communication disabilities to find new and innovative ways to communicate and lead a better quality of life, to working with clients in palliative care in some of their most trying and sometimes troubling years - Merryn has seen a lot in her career that has helped her develop an appreciation for what is most important in life, and given her a unique sense of perspective that she brings to her work.
Merryn offers the expertise of creating a practical system that enables people to follow through and implement their strategies, goals, and enhance their quality of life. Trained in CBT, NLP, and organisational systems, Merryn brings a holistic evidence based approach to her work at Mental Skills NZ.